7G Advantage

  •  SevenGen offers clients a specialized team of industrial hygienists (CIH’s), environmental professionals (CHMM’s), safety professional (CSP’s) and risk management professionals with decades of industry experience and good working relationships with regulatory agencies.
  •  Everyone at SevenGen recognizes how important our work is in protecting the health and well-being of our clients and their customers.  With that in mind, we have made significant investments in the latest technology and equipment, training, and personnel.  Our clients enjoy the service of professionals with the highest credentials and technical development.
  •  SevenGen’s senior professionals are heavily involved with state and federal organizations, governing bodies, and peer groups, allowing guidance to our clients’ programs based on innovative, leading-edge best practices that reflect the emerging realities in industry.
  •  All of SevenGen’s service deliverables undergo a comprehensive review process, conducted by Senior Certified Staff, prior to client delivery.  This review enables SevenGen to consistently provide the highest quality and technically accurate information, necessary to best serve our trade.
  •  Guidance is delivered to each client with an understanding of the  requirements of all stakeholders involved in developing and implementing changes to HSE programs and consequent tailoring of the delivery.
  •  Best practices will be readily identified and propagated throughout the business relationship.
  •  SevenGen has the systems, infrastructure, and experience in managing, recording, and tracking data compiled in inclusive technical reports for the continued preparation of possible litigation – be it worker’s comp or otherwise.
  •  SevenGen’s commitment to the customer, our technical competency, and the friendliness and professionalism with which we approach our work is second to none.