7G Proven Approach

SevenGen takes great pride in consulting with our clients to provide solutions specific to their needs.  We have extensive on-site experience in many industries and we understand the importance of providing quality consulting services and superior customer service.  We are a leader in our industry and with confidence, we commit this leadership to all of our clients.

One of SevenGen’s distinguishing qualities is a customized approach to providing Occupational Health, Safety, and Environmental services.  SevenGen performs a five-step consultative process for each client, defined in the following progression:

  • Needs Assessment:  We evaluate the needs of each customer to provide a course of action applicable to their unique situations.
  •  Pricing:  We work with each customer to determine the unique levels of risk, and help balance that risk versus the cost of acting immediately.
  •  Service Performance: Our experienced professionals perform all the necessary tasks using proven methods and the latest in technologies in accordance with applicable State and Federal regulations.
  • Timely Deliverables: SevenGen provides a thorough report using language that is easily understood.  Our professionals make themselves available to meet with each customer to answer all questions and to make sure the report is useful.
  • Follow Up:  SevenGen performs quality assurance measures after each project to gain feedback, and will correspond with each customer to perform any follow-up for additional support that may be necessary

As your consultative partner, SevenGen will serve to deliver practical recommendations based on recognized best-practices; present options on how to best manage programmatic needs; and, ultimately to build a trusted exchange of ideas buttressed by industry knowledge and deep technical competency.

SevenGen is motivated to be a true consultative partner with each of our clients.  We have a management infrastructure built upon by our local and national resources of professionals within our organization, and we are leaders in the provision of occupational health, safety, and environmental compliance.  All of these factors, combined with our ability to provide the highest quality service with a focus on expedient and quality consultation, make SevenGen the ideal partner for any of your HSE needs.