Our Mission

Deliver value to our clients through technical excellence and strategic leadership in health, safety and environmental management of their assets, projects and products.

To achieve this mission, SevenGen strives to leverage our experience across our occupational health, safety, and environmental service lines to diffuse valuable knowledge to our clients.  Our internal technical reach-back is leveraged so that subject matter expertise can be brought to bear on areas requiring niche expertise or benefiting from solutions built around the input of multiple professional opinions.

Through our customized environmental, health, and safety services, SevenGen empowers today’s leading businesses with the information and solutions they need to reduce workplace hazards and to protect lives.

Uninterrupted program delivery, expert technical support, high-quality outcomes, compliance with applicable laws and regulations, innovation and customer satisfaction are the hallmarks of SevenGen’s performance.  SevenGen is prepared to deliver at the highest quality performance to become your dedicated Occupational Health, Safety, and Environmental partner.