Case Studies

SevenGen offers customer-specific solutions to meet all of your environmental health and safety needs. Below are case studies – from a cross-section of actual companies – that may be applicable to your needs. The savings published are actual year-over-year savings.

Small Company, Short-Term Needs

A fast-growing producer of metal products had a need for “full-time” safety person for about a month. During that time they wanted to get one of their own staff members up to speed on safety, environmental compliance, and program management.

Over a five-week period we dedicated a senior safety consultant to help them establish safety programs, carry out needed safety training, develop programs, and train the company’s personnel on how to carry the program forward. During the same time, our environmental team established all of the elements for an environmental management program. We filed all of the needed permit applications, Form R, Tier II, and performed RCRA and DOT Hazardous Material Training. At the end of the five week “blitz”, we had successfully trained senior plant personnel on effective auditing tools.

Large Company, Short-Term Needs

A large producer of household goods had a large industrial hygiene project that was more than what they could do in-house. We were brought in to assist them over a several-month period. In this case, time was of the essence, as the project’s results were instrumental in justifying a substantial cost savings. Our senior industrial hygienists worked on the project for a week at a time over a three-month period. By the company’s calculation, the project saved them over $1 million dollars per year in material and waste cost.

Small Company, Long-Term Needs

A small recycling operation employed approximately 50 people. The operation had a number of hazards, including heavy equipment, air contaminants, very loud noises, machine guarding, and electrical hazards. The company needed help with industrial hygiene, safety training, environmental reporting, and recordkeeping but did not need a full-time or even a part-time safety person.

We spent two days each month at the facility. If there were environmental reports that needed to be done, we sent an environmental scientist; if there were air sampling needs, we sent an industrial hygienist. Whatever the companies needs are, we met them seamlessly and at a very reasonable cost. We provided turnkey environmental, health, and safety (EH&S) solutions and managed everything from environmental reporting to safety training.

This customer has used us since 2000 as its “EH&S Staff.” Since that time, the recordable injury rate has gone down 72%.

Large Company, Long-Term Needs

A Fortune 50 automotive supplier with over 170 facilities worldwide had a need for an industrial hygiene staff, but had not achieved a return on investment from those resources in the past. We were asked to provide industrial hygiene services and support to all facilities and to act as the corporate industrial hygiene staff for the company.

In this role, we fielded hundreds of inquiries from plant personnel each year, managed a complex industrial hygiene database, wrote programs, reviewed SDSs, attended all appropriate staff meetings, and performed site surveys – all for less than 60% of the cost under the previous model.

We have provided these services for this company since 2000 and has saved them, by their own accounting, several hundred thousand dollars.