Safety Services

SevenGen provides clients with the tools and support necessary to fully implement and maintain a safe work environment.  SevenGen conducts systematic assessment to identify hazards and gauge risks that exist in the workplace or jobsite.  Through the development and implementation of customized safety programs and training, SevenGen provides the support necessary to reduce accidents and lower incident rates, including episodic workplace programs to the installation of full-time professional safety managers to oversee total worksite culture.

SevenGen has vast experience in site specific safety in a variety of sectors including healthcare, construction, manufacturing, food processing, and service industries.  Our safety professionals have the process knowledge and experience to effectively support any safety need at any capacity.  SevenGen’s Safety Services include, but are not limited to:

  • On-Site Safety Staffing Solutions
  • Safety Audit (Mock OSHA inspections)
  • Safety Program Audit & Development
  • Worker compensation support
  • Accident Investigation
  • Professional/Expert Witness
  • 1903 OSHA (inspections, citations, and proposed penalties)
  • OSHA 10 and 30 Hour Training

Our entire staff administers a proactive initiative to improving the safety and health of our client’s employees and contracted personnel. Our overarching effort is to mitigate potential health and safety risks and at the same time minimize Enterprise Incident Rates.

SevenGen’s safety professionals work in partnership with each client to develop facility specific and project specific programs.  We deliver employee and supervisor training using consistent materials and methods, necessary to support an effective Occupational Safety and Health Culture. SevenGen conducts serious and minor incident investigations and reporting to provide root cause analysis. Our safety professionals suggest and implement customized and specific corrective actions, and track / trend qualified data in an effort to efficiently identify leading indicators to minimize the recurrence of future incidents.

Benefits include a customized approach focusing on reducing incident rates and workers’ compensation costs; compliance support for state and federal regulations; minimized liability and associated costs; and the development of a true partnership focusing on the provision of a healthy more productive work environment.

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