SDS (Safety Data Sheet) Solutions

Workplace hazard prevention made easy

Another service avilable through SevenGen is our SDS Administration software. With our system in place, your employees will be able to log onto any computer with a Web browser and view or print an SDS.
It’s undeniable that SDS maintenance is frustrating and time-consuming. With different sets of SDSs being maintained in various locations, it can be difficult to have confidence in their accuracy and completeness. And in an emergency situation, you need to know that your SDSs are complete and up to date.

sds1 As the SDS administrator you can utilize our SDS Explorer to enter new SDS information easily.

And our Document Type manager allows you to utilize virtually any type of ducument as an SDS.


With our software you won’t have to worry about employees removing SDSs from the books to make copies and not getting them back. The employees simply go to the company’s SDS Web site and perform a search for the SDS ID, product name, manufacturer, or other search criteria, and instantly pull up the SDS they need. Then, if necessary, they can print off a copy for reference. You won’t have to worry about updating several books throughout your facility. All information can be stored on a computer or CD-ROM and accurately maintained.

sds3 Our SDS Admin software makes it easy to enter critical SDS information. You’ll also have the ability to utilize customizable fields for company-specific information.

Several reporting features are available as soon as data is entered.


And should you already have SDS data in a spreadsheet or database of your own, it is likely that we can convert that data to our database. For an example of the SDS search system that can be customized for your company’s Web, visit the SDS Solutions Web site. For more information on how SDS solutions available from SevenGen can help your company, call us at 260.497.7491.